Creative Problem Solving Techniques

Creative Problem Solving Training Course from pd training
Resolve and prevent problems with training

Creative problem solving provides you the ability to resolve current problems and identify future problems to prevent them. Psychologists and business people alike have discovered that successful problem solvers use the same types of processes to identify and implement solutions to problems.

Resolving problems creatively involves analysing solutions, gathering information, choosing an appropriate technique of problem solving, defining the problem, evaluating solutions, brainstorming, and more.

Training in creative problem solving provides the participants with the understanding and the techniques of problem solving that help in the successful and faster resolution of problems, and the prevention of their reoccurring.

Some of the skills covered in a creative problem solving course include:

  • Defining problems
  • Identifying problems
  • Exploring solutions
  • Information gathering techniques
  • Creating problem statements
  • Mastering idea generating tools such as affinity diagrams, word chaining, the box method, the six thinking hats & the blink method
  • Evaluating potential solutions
  • Performing analysis of problem
  • Selecting a solution
  • Gaining insight into the roles that facts and intuition play in selecting a solution

Skill development in problem solving provides quick identification of problems, finding the most appropriate solution, and prevention of problems. It drastically reduces the occurrence of major problems, as problems are identified and resolved in their infancy.

Learning to resolve problems successfully helps to reduce the damage caused by the problem and ensures the maintenance of healthy relationships and the work environment. Solving problems creatively can be a crucial skill for managers, leaders and mentors, as they need to manage a number of people.

Conflicts are natural and expected, but letting them damage the employees and/or the work environment can result in dissatisfied employees, negative work environment, lack of productivity, and deterioration in the qualify of work. Resolving conflicts timely and creatively is essential for the healthy growth of the employees.

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